Mechanics Speak Out

Independent repair shop owners explain why the Right-to-Repair legislation isn't needed and won't help independent mechanics.

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As members of the Massachusetts Auto Coalition, we know our customers want the choice to have their cars fixed by their own mechanic, not just at a dealer.   To serve our customers best, we have ensured our independent repair shops have access to data and information needed to diagnose issues with any model car, along with the tools and training to make the repairs.  

Repair Shop Equal Access

We are working to ensure that all independent auto repair shops are aware of how easy it is to get access to the data, tools and training they need to fix any model car.   For as little as $10 a day, repair shops can access repair information from 40 automakers at  This website from the National Automotive Service Task Force also links to a dozen independent businesses that provide service repair information online resources like

Independent auto repairers don't have to rely on unnecessary legislation to get what they need to serve their customers.  This so-called Right-to-Repair bill is bad public policy that will have negative consequences for the people of the Commonwealth:

  • Consumers don’t need this bill.  In fact, 99.8 percent of consumers experience no problems getting their cars repaired by independent mechanics.
  • This bill could enable auto theft.  Insurers and police oppose this proposed legislation, calling it an invitation to theft.
  • This bill could threaten the safety of the driving public.  Access to automaker’s intellectual property can lead to counterfeit, inferior aftermarket parts.
  • This bill will hurt US workers. The companies backing this bill export their manufacturing.
  • This bill will open the door to the theft of intellectual property.  Such theft is already a $12 billion global industry that raises costs to consumers.

We support open access information, education and training already available to independent repair shops.  We don’t support bad public policy that will cost consumers in so many ways.


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